The Jemand Society has been established in a distant future by the following Future Agents. Their role is to connect the now and then through unexpected artistic interventions.

Jeremy Bailey is a self proclaimed Famous New Media Artist living and working in Toronto. He received his MA in Fine Arts from Syracuse University. Jeremy’s work explores custom software in a performative context and offers hilarious parodies of new media vocabularies. Jeremy Bailey speaks to his audience as layers of augmented reality animate around him. He addresses body objectification online by wearing the Internet, employing online advertising strategies to reclaim public space. He plays, dances and paints with technology in various ways.

As part of the Jemand Society, Jeremy is exploring the possibilities of technology-enabled gender and beauty fluidity with his project “PAC”.

Janne Kummer, Aka.Alaska (She/They), works at the intersection of performing arts and digital media. She teaches and researches the effects of digitalization on the perception and representation of bodies. Her research areas include techno and cyberfeminism, new materialism, other-than-human-agency and the Anthropocene discourse. In her artistic practice, she is currently developing interactive multimedia installations that serve as interfaces between analog and digital experiential spaces and organic and inorganic lifeworlds. In addition, she works on a contemporary artistic practice to utilise the subversive and creative potential of new technologies. Her focus lies on the development of alternative, queerfeminist-narratives and narrative formats that address the complexity of a technological, digitalised and globalised world and that operate beyond the structures of established power mechanisms. She is a fellow of the interdisciplinary collaborative project DiGiTaL—Arts and Science and an alumna of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes. 

Anton Krause studied Theater Directing at the ADK in Ludwigsburg, after which he worked for the Thalia-Theater in Hamburg. Since 2018, he has been studying within the framework of the Spiel und Objekt MA programme at the HfS Ernst Busch. He works at the intersection of theater, games, and installation. He is a core member of the “anne&ich” collective and also collaborates with machina eX and doublelucky productions.

Olga Hohmann studied Theater Directing at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin, as well as Fine Art at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. Her poetic lecture performances, often accompanied by music, feature aspects of ritual as well as salon culture. As an archaeologist of her own biography, she is dedicated to everyday phenomena that are always on the border between personal experience and philosophical reflection.

At the Jemand Society, Janne, Anton and Olga speculate about organic and artificial bodies and how they touch in a distant future with their project “XOwB”.

Sam Lavigne is an artist and educator based in New York whose work deals with data, surveillance, cops, natural language processing, and automation. Sam studied Comparative Literature at the University of Chicago and has a Master in Professional Studies at Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University. He describes his work as "online interventions that surface the frequently opaque political and economic conditions that shape computational technologies". Sam Lavigne is the co-founder of the ‘Stupid Shit No One Needs’ and ‘Terrible Ideas Hackathon’ as well as the founding editor of ‘Useless Press’. His most recent projects ‘Zoom Escaper’ and ‘Zoom Deleter’ are especially topical in the times of the pandemic.

As part of the Jemand Society, Sam is questioning the narratives of economics with his project “The Capitalist Gene”.

Lucie Freynhagen studied Experimental Painting at the Dresden University of Fine Arts, and today works on artistic, conceptual and curatorial projects. She curates exhibitions for the art space “C. Rockefeller Center for the contemporary Arts”, conceives performative fashion shows with “International Topsellers”, brings art to public billboards with “Dresden Public Art View” and stages post-internet operas. Lucie Freynhagen aims to dismantle the language of the art market by questioning the way of how and where art is exhibited and distributed. Her work is all about conceived experiences, situations and the transformation of fantasy into the real possibility.

Clemens Reinecke is an artist, illustrator and occasional graphics and web designer based in Leipzig. He works in the fields of experimental drawing and painting, animation, digital image creation and computer graphics.

At the Jemand Society, Lucie and Clemens speculate about what remains from our future’s with their project “Wunderkammer of Passing Futures”.

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