From German: jemand | ˈjeːmant | indefinite pronoun: someone, somebody, anyone, anybody. 

Jemand is the collectivity and multiplicity of the anonymous.
Jemand is here and there, and also in between.
Jemand is hybrid like the futures they come from.
Jemand questions the norms and their origins.
Jemand laughs about your standards and thinks that you could do better.
Jemand remembers tomorrow and will tell you all about it today.
Are you Jemand?

In the first announcements of the project, the Jemand Society invited interested audiences to join the community and become members of the society themselves. Website visitors were asked to register with their email address to be the first ones to hear about the upcoming projects. This way they got a new identity, which represented their future-selves as members of the Jemand Society.


Braxton Brown,
Hans-H Willmann,
بهارl علیزاده,
Ilan Rolland,
Emil Niemi,
Fırat De Munck,
Kayla Gudmundsen,
Addison Brown,
Eden Boyer,
Sophie Denys,
Amber Harris,
Kate Hayes,
Adam Andersen
Cindy Girand,
Riley Jackson,
Sasa Blanc,
Benjamin Poulsen,
Harrison Walker,
Louise Barbier,
Johan Jørgensen,
Débora Ferreira,
Yoel Houthuijzen,
Firmina Dias,
Cátia Conçalves,
Nikoline Reppe,

Wayne Martin,
Victor Heger,
Melvin White,
Bertha Powell,
Nemo Coldeira,
Thibaut Faure,
Martin Morales,
Pedro Woods,
Cristobal Esteban,
Silas Jensen,
پرنیا کامروا,
Caroline Larsen,
Luisa Saez,
Lien Van Groningen,
Charlotte Roger,
Cameron Jones,
Juan Brewer,
Melanie Moulin,
Antonio Perez,
William Jensen,
Aaron Williams,
Phyllis Wheeler,
Eskild Henningsen,
Max Sæterbø,
Angie Howard,

Begoña Alonso,
Phil Knoppers,
Kenzo Harpal,
Zara Lee,
Brad Ramirez,
Clémentine Olivier,
Harper Thompson,
Alessio Gautier,
Lonnie Richards,
كاميار انپرهام,
Nicholas Soto,
August Kristensen,
Eryk Aarskog,
Jacob Macdonald,
Florian Franois,
Paige Lawrence,
Kerim Balaban,
Angie Lee,
Stanislaw Tøllefsen,
Oscar Morris,
Léo Rodriguez,
Paige Jones,
Albert Rasmussen,
Macit Abadan,
Romane Arnaud,

Linus Nordengen,
Alexia Lambert,
Sofia Chu,
Oliver Koistinen,
Belen Fuentes,
Topias Jarvinen,
Hailey Lewis,
Milena Aubert,
Ron Andrews,
Hulda Senger,
Leanne Patel,
Christiane Jankowski,
Universina Nascimento,
نیای الاری,
Ethan Moulin,
Cléia Rodrigues,
ميرعلي سینی,
Silke Petersen,
Marlieke Doodeman,
Ylva Sevaldsen,
Ada Araújo,
Deanna Rodriquez,
Miguel Iglesias,
Signe Christiansen

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